Teenager arrested for kidnapping, raping, murdering girl in Bahawalpur

Muavia confessed to his crimes in front of the police.



In another bone-chilling incident, 17 years old Muavia kidnaps, rapes and murders 19 years old neighbor in Bahawalpur. According to the victim’s brother, Muavia was chasing his sister, Farwa Shakeel, for many days and he asked him to stay away from her multiple times as well.

Giving further details on the terrifying incident, he said that his mother and sister were alone at home when Muavia came to their home and forcefully took Farwa away on the bike.

“Farwa screamed and pleaded for help and our neighbors heard her screams and came out of their houses. But the suspect had already taken her with him. The neighbors called me and told me about what had happened and I hurried home,” Farwa’s brother told the media sources.

Her dead body was found in Nowshera Jadeed near a canal by Edhi Centre. Photos of the exhumed dead body went viral on social media as authorities conducted post-mortem examination without the parents’ approval. The dead body had visible torture marks.

FIR under Section 365B:

The brother of the victim lodged FIR against Muavia at Kotwali police under Section 365B (kidnapping, abducting or inducing a woman to compel for marriage) of the Pakistan Penal Code.  Section 365B is punishable by life imprisonment and fine according to the law.

Muavia’s father had a shop right next to the woman’s house. The police, however, says that Muavia and Farwa were friends and the brutal murder was an aftermath of her refusal to comply by his demands.

The teenager confessed to the murder on Wednesday but no further details were shared by the police about his confessions. Relatives of the victim staged a protest, demanding for speedy inquiry and asking for Muavia’s father to be arrested as well.

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  • How can someone kidnap a girl on a mere motor bike???? Maybe the girl met him willingly and later on things went wrong. Anyway justice should prevail and the culprit be given proper punishment.

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