Tehzeeb Bakery receives a Rs. 1 million fine notice by the FBR for not complying with its ‘Point of Sale’ system

The tax department is also working to teach the people how to collect online bills against each purchase.

Media reports state that the FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) has slapped a fine of Rs. 1 million on Islamabad’s Tehzeeb Bakery. The fine has been imposed on the bakery for not connecting their selling and marketing outlets with The FBR’s Point of Sale (POS) system.

According to FBR officials, the owners of Tehzeeb bakery had not applied for or installed POS in any branch. A senior officer of FBR said:

The tax department has enforced a fine of Rs. 1 million on the “Tehzeeb Bakers” Rawalpindi shop because of the non-incorporation of POS machines with the tax office system.

It should be noted that the FBR had sent notices to the bakery regarding the POS system repeatedly. The Tehzeeb Bakery did not pay heed to any of the notices and continued to ignore the FBR’s rules and direction. This irresponsible behavior led the FBR to impose a fine on the bakery and seal it. According to reports, the bakery will remain closed until the owners pay their fine.

FBR talks about their POS system initiatives

According to FBR officials, the board is currently working on a ‘Lucky draw’ plan. The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) will compile database of reported and un-reported taxable activities of registered taxpayers as well as unregistered persons to bring undocumented consumers into the tax net using information submitted for participation in the “Consumer Lucky Draw” scheme.

Under the lucky draw scheme, participants will be eligible for awards between Rs5,000 and Rs100,000 every month. Consumers can participate by using their mobile phones to SMS details of restaurants’ and hotels’ invoices or bills directly to Pakistan Revenue Automation Limited (Pral). They will, however, have to send in the receipts later by mail. Consumers can also participate by collecting these bills and sending them to the FBR before the end of each month.

The tax department is also working to teach the people how to collect online bills against each purchase. The finance minister has also revealed a cash bonus program in the 2021-22 budget and pledged to make a connection between the 0.5 million retailers and the FBR system. FBR has also eliminated the tax on the importation of POS machines in the recent budget to lure big retail stores to import duty-free machines.

All of these certainly indicate that the FBR is working to improve the local buying and selling system.

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