[VIDEO] Peshawar-based Startup ‘Teleport’ develops Pakistan’s first locally-manufactured electric bike

The bike was unveiled at the NIC Peshawar's 2nd Graduation Ceremony 2020.

First locally manufactured electric bike of Pakistan.

A Peshawar based startup named Teleport has developed Pakistan’s first indigenously manufactured premium electric bike.

The bike was unveiled at the NIC Peshawar’s 2nd Graduation Ceremony 2020. The Federal Minister of IT and Telecom, Syed Aminul Haque, was also present at the ceremony.

The bike was completely designed and manufactured in Pakistan with all parts gathered from the local market. However, only the electric motor was imported due to its inaccessibility in the country.

An extra motor can be specced with the bike to increase its range to 200km, with the bike taking roughly 3 hours to charge completely.


electric bike

Speaking to a source, the founder and CEO of Teleport, Mohyuddin Khan, explained how he founded the company based on his electric mobility passion.

Khan, an MBBS student, said that it took him and his team four years to develop the final product. He said that he built the  electric bike using his own money, which he raised by creating and selling lithium-ion batteries.

electric bike
inauguration ceremony.

The CEO added the company had filed a patent for its unique rear shock design, contributing to a smoother ride.

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    • Oh WOW !!! This is pretty sad that this guy is lying in front of the camera , and even applied for a PATENT on a Plagiarized Design Idea of Rear Suspension …. So SAD !!!!

  • Mashallah: the government should allocate significant prize money to encourage students and universities to build/introduce more “Made in Pakistan” products.

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