Terrorist who attacked Chinese consulate in Pakistan presented as “missing” by Maryam Nawaz

Netizens have been bashing the PLM-N leader for attacking and damaging the image of Pakistan.


The PML-N Vice President, Maryam Nawaz, during the Quetta really, presented a terrorist named as ‘Rashid Baloch,’ who attacked the Chinese consulate in 2018, as a missing person.

In 2019, Baloch was arrested by the UAE’s law-enforcement agency in Sharjah. He was marked out as the key suspect behind the Chinese consulate attack that left at least seven people dead.

A picture of Maryam Nawaz presenting the BLA terrorist as the missing person has been widely shared on social media.

Netizens have been bashing the PLM-N leader for attacking and damaging the image of Pakistan.

Public Response

One social media user said, “She is just taking international support for her own vested interests. Just like their  father, they do not care for Pakistan, she was seeking exile, which wasn’t granted, and reactionary behavior is there.”

Another said, “Are the government and agencies still believing that this is opposition or democracy? They are attacking the state and damaging its image. Serious and strict actions are needed.”

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  • My views on this is….
    She, Nani 420 Maryam Safdar is a Fuckin Terrorist facilitator, an Anti State element just like her father Nawaz Sharif who is an Indian agent.

  • In fact, this woman has gone mad. If you start giving the same old protocol to his father today, forget all the damage his father has done to Pakistan, it will be all right in a few days. Otherwise, it will start calling Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan a terrorist tomorrow because he has made an atomic bomb for Pakistan.Maryam Nawaz, you should be ashamed and so should the people of your party who call you Mother Nation today.

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