TfL Tube suspends Pakistani adverts due to poor state of human rights in the country

Pakistan among the 11 countries facing the suspension.

TfL has suspended adverts from 11 nations with poor human rights records ( Getty Images )


TfL Tube, Transport for London, has suspended advertisements from 11 countries due to the poor state of human rights. Pakistan is among the countries facing suspension. Along with it, the countries facing the penalty for compromised rights include the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia as well.

As an international reporting source reveals, the decision to pull adverts was made after reviewing the record of human rights. The decision comes soon after EU members writing to PM Imran Khan threatening to cut trade ties and ending subsidies if Pakistan fails to protect minorities.

TfL, however, made the decision after analysing the state of human rights of gender minorities in these countries.

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Which other countries are facing the ban:

The ban is imposed on countries breaching rights and still having death penalty


In addition to Pakistan, other countries facing the ban are United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Iran, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Qatar, Mauritania, Afghanistan and Yemen.

The ban came after Green Party London Assembly member Caroline Russell wrote to Mayor Sadiq Khan. Mayor reviewed the human rights records for the said countries and made the decision. Russell is of view that the countries that breach human rights should not be allowed to advertise.

She said:

“Regimes that use the death penalty and breach human rights shouldn’t be allowed to advertise on TfL. It’s a matter of principle.”

Mayor has asked advertising partners to not approve any new campaigns:

TfL has asked their advertising partners to not approve any new campaigns from countries compromising on basic rights.

In addition, Mayor Sadiq Khan is of view that London has to take the lead due to its global influence.

The spokesperson of Mayor said:

“Given the global role London plays championing LGBT+ rights, the Mayor has asked that TfL review how it treats advertising and sponsorship from countries with anti-LGBT+ laws.”

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