OPINION: Thank you 'Bulbulay' for destroying the concept of feminism for all [VIDEO]

We need to talk!

The word feminism indicates a movement initiated to stand against everyday gender-based inequalities and injustices in society. However, Pakistanis continuously fail to comprehend the true meaning of Feminism. Our country\’s male-dominant community never fails to highlight Feminism as being an evil agenda against men.

Now, the Pakistani media has also taken up the task to ridicule the basic idea of Feminism. We recently came across a very problematic episode of the famous drama serial Bulbulay, in which the concept that Feminism stands for is being seriously mishandled. Bulbulay\’s season 2, Episode 40 throws vile shade on the \’Aurat March\’ and feminists and negates the ideology\’s true principles.

Not-so-surprisingly, the episode portrays the movement\’s basic manifesto as man-hating. Scenes show that women want men to do all the work. Women\’s NGOs are targeted too and showcased as agencies that promote the culture of divorce and staying single.

Severe issues of gender equality are driven in the wrong direction in a humorous and toxic way. The episode\’s ending is the worst part as the same man-hating woman is then eventually shown to fall in love with her husband and serve him and do his chores. Regardless of everything, women are taught to adjust and go back to the original (unjust) way of life.

Watch the problematic episode here:

Every time a little faith is build up in Pakistani media\’s content, it never fails to disappoint. If this is how our media is handling such an essential concept\’s portrayal, then no wonder we hear about rising rape cases, torture, violence, abuse, honor killing, mistreatment, discrimination, and more evils every day. Content like this is only adding fuel to the fire and making the situation worse.

Please allow us to school you a little:

1. Aurat March was an umbrella event, under which many people, including members of the intersex community (trans community), stood up for their rights.

2. Feminism is not only for women but also for all genders who feel deprived of their rights.

We do not blame our society for associating Feminism with only women because, in our community, the MAJORITY of WOMEN are deprived of their rights. Male privilege makes life very comfortable for men; hence their need for Feminism becomes relatively trivial compared to other genders. However, not nonexistent.

It\’s about time that our media understands that creating such content, which is watched by the masses, is only deteriorating the little progress our country has made in providing equal rights to all. Media houses need to stop handling such sensitive issues in such disgraceful ways.

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  • “Feminism is not only for women but also for all genders who feel deprived of their rights” lekin All man are trash haha

  • this feminism is nothing but bullshit
    the male child is raised (mostly) by mother and all the household women at home, they should teach him to respect the girl/women and all human.
    all these girls and women in woman march must go home and start TARBIAT of their sons & brothers. if they could not did it in their childhood, even it is not too late to start a good.
    start treating equally the male and female child. this is a mother (a woman) who discriminates and preferred a Bhai (the boy) over a Behan (the girl) even in high-fi societies.

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