Thanks To Social Media Community, The Aged Pakistani Couple Stuck In Syria Is Finally On Their Way Home

Previously, we rose voice for an aged couple who is living in the nearest vicinity to Pakistan’s embassy in Syria but are still unable to contact it and facilitate their journey back to their original country Pakistan.
In the besieged East Ghouta, 72 years old Muhammad Fadal Akram and 62 years old Sugran Bibi were leading the hardest battle to keep their breaths running and heart beating.


Since September, Bashar-al Assad’s forces have completely disconnected the supply of commercial food sales and also, the United Nation’s aid to East Ghouta. Apart from that, fuel, medicines and clean drinking water are unavailable in the region. Hence, the quality of life is no longer the question of the survival itself is near to impossible.


Akram told his story that he came to Syria from Pakistan back in 1973 to avail better opportunities and livelihood to elevate the standard of the life he was living. He said that his wife is terribly sick but he cannot do anything and lacks the resources to provide for her health. The helpless, aged couple’s story touched many people. Jeremy McLellan was one of those people who posted the story on their pages and thanks to his influence it went viral.

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To the people who say that raising voice on social media cannot make a difference and it’s futile, we often tend to undermine the influence it has. Though there are many people trapped in the area, struggling for their lives it’s a huge win that by a little effort we have been able to bring attention towards them and save a family.

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