Pakistan begins export of 4G smartphones – first consignment sent to the UAE

In an encouraging development, Pakistan has now entered the export realm of smartphones by sending the first-ever shipment of mobile phones tagged ‘Manufactured in Pakistan’ to the United Arab Emirates on Friday. According to reports, the first consignment contained 5,500 mobile sets of 4G smartphones manufactured by Inovi Telecom.

The Adviser to the Prime Minister of Pakistan for Commerce and Investment, Abdul Razak Dawood, took to Twitter to confirm the news. He wrote:

It’s a great day for Pakistan’s exports as Inovi Telecom has just exported the first consignment of 5,500 “Made in Pakistan” 4G mobile phones to the Middle East. We hope that this will be the beginning of an era of high value-added exports from Pakistan.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority on Saturday congratulated the mobile company for its achievement and hoped the exports of smartphones would increase further. In a statement, the regulator said:

This is the result of concerted efforts for the development ofdevicemobile of the mobile device manufacturing ecosystem in the country.

About Inovi Telecom Pvt Ltd

The mobile company Inovi Telecom was issued authorization for mobile device manufacturing in April, and it has managed to fulfill its first export order within four months. The company’s CEO Zeeshan Mian Noor said:

Our main target was to penetrate low-end markets of the Middle East, including Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan. We are manufacturing Chinese brands, and there are many ex-pat workers in the Gulf countries. The high-end consumers of Gulf countries prefer top world-class mobile brands, and we should not even try to get involved in that market.

He further stated:

The mass market of Gulf countries is our primary target. The ordinary citizens of Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan too prefer mobile sets up to $100 each.

While entering the export market of smartphones is excellent news for the Pakistani economy, mobile companies still don’t seem satisfied. The local manufacturers of mobile phones stress the need for a supportive export policy. They urge the authorities to take measures to ease the export process so Pakistan can beat the competitors in the Middle East region.

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