The Brutal Punishments At Madrassas: Qari Beats A Minor To Death In Lahore

Physical violence at madrassas has put forth some horrible incidences – from skin deep wounds to minors losing their lives – but is still an insanely adopted and accepted the practice.

Another victim of this unforgiving culture is innocent Abdul Ahad, who lost his life after being brutally beaten by masjid’s Imam with an iron rod in Shalimar, Lahore.

As reported by local news sources, the boy was mercilessly beaten by Imam Ahmed Raza a few days back. His condition worsened after coming home and his family admitted him to Kot Khwaja Saeed Hospital. After noticing no improvement in his condition, Ahad was shifted to Lahore Mayo Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries today.

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A team of police has transferred his body to the morgue for autopsy. Following that, forensic pieces of evidence and statements by eyewitnesses were also recorded.

After the death of the child and the victim’s family pursuing the matter to police, the accused fled the area. Police captured him from Gujranwala where he is being investigated.

This is not the first case of violence in madrassa premises, and it will certainly not be the last either if we continue maintaining our insensitivity towards it.

Serious reforms are needed in the madrassas to make the system of knowledge impartment more effective and less violent.  The imams or teachers must also be provided with training to deal with the children more patiently but effectively without necessarily having to use physical beating as a mode of enforcement. Without the training, no one should be allowed to take the status of the educator in neither religious not mainstream education.

The parents also need to take a stand against the physical abuse from the beginning even if it’s minor and should also address children’s complaints with consideration rather than casting a doubtful glance at them.

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