The curious case of PIA: EXPOSED

May the 22nd marks the day 97 people perished when PIA flight PK8303, carrying 99 people, including eight crew members, crashed into a densely populated residential area near Karachi airport. Recently, the inquiry report of the PIA airplane crash was released.

The Federal Minister of Aviation, Ghulam Sarwar Khan, shared the report\\’s findings, which made some horrible revelations about PIA:

  1. 40% of PIA Pilots have FAKE FLYING LICENSES.
  2. 262/869 Pilots in Pakistan did not take all their exams themselves.

Ubair Khan, a digital media analyst, tweeted:

Ubair Khan then uploaded a series of tweets that answered the question he raised previously. He backed each of his five statements with sources and pieces of evidence:

  1. The Former Governments, especially the PMLN, ruthlessly hired incompetent & unrequired people in the PIA & treated them as personal property. This hiring resulted in making the PIA an institution that faced the most substantial losses & the most incompetent decisions.

  1. The PTI Govt appointed the highly seasoned aviation expert Retired Air Marshal Arshad Malik. The man put his best effort into reforming the PIA while facing immense resistance from the power lobbies. As a result, the stats and figures of PIA began to improve.

  1. Eventually, Air Marshal Arshad Malik began a crackdown operation against all the fake degree holders. He shared this fake degree problem and his firing plan in the video during November of 2019:

  1. As a reaction, at the end of December 2019, the PIA Employee Associations went to the “Sindh High Court” against the CEO of PIA, Arshad Malik. The SHC REMOVED Arshad Malik from the position and ordered the Government NOT TO fire/post/retire ANY employee.

  1. The “Standing Committee of Senate on Aviation” headed by the PMLN\\’s Senior Leader, Mushahid Ullah Khan, also barred the PIA from firing employees with fake Degrees and asked the Government to decrease their salaries, but do not fire them.

Ubair Khan described the situation in six words: an epitome of a crooked system. The revelations and the historical incidents make it evident that the authorities responsible for fixing things are not willing to change for the better, and the authorities prepared to bring reforms will forever be opposed by every power corridor that favors the corrupt and the incompetent.

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  • Does Mr. Ubair Khan @ubairkhann know that PIA crash 8303 preliminary investigation has nothing to do with Fake License/Fake Degree?


    Does Mr. Ubair Khan @ubairkhann know that basic qualification for airline pilot globally is FA/FSC/High School/12 yr education?


    Does Mr. Ubair Khan @ubairkhann know that basic qualification for highest flying license airline pilot license (ATPL) is FA/FSC/High School/12 yr education?


    Does Mr. Ubair Khan @ubairkhann know that a pilot needs to complete ground school and flight school to be certified to fly a type of aircraft and the certificate is only earned by completing manufacture approved training program like B777 type rating to fly 777?


    Does Mr. Ubair Khan @ubairkhann know that it is not the responsibility of PIA to identify, investigate and punish Fake License Holders/Fake Degree Holders but it is the responsibility of CAA Pakistan – the regulator often led by a x Military Person during last 40 + years.


    Does Mr. Ubair Khan @ubairkhann know that only CAA can issue a Fake License and only CAA can revoke a fake License and now globally the legitimacy and credibility of CAA is in question which regulates the whole Civilian Aviation Industry of Pakistan.


    along declaring OBL Shaheed, PTI Govt has fkd this country so badly in less then 48 hours that you have not a slightest idea of


  • This is in reply to comment made by Senorita above:

    Stop making shit up. R u saying that an airline will hire a high school graduate to risk lives of 100s of people. All commercial airlines have standards and no one below bachelor’s degree even gets a chance. Not only degree, but there r exams that each pilot has to clear, which is exactly what these pilots were cheating on.
    The case with PIA is simple, nepotism and cronyism of previous governments is the root cause of its current state.

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