Faisalabad: Lawyer ‘beats’ woman in court forcing her to withdraw her case

charges of_rape
Lawyer forcing a woman to withdrew the charges of rape

A brawl erupted outside Faisalabad Session Court on Thursday between a lawyer and a woman. The woman accused the lawyer for forcing her to withdrew the charges of rape against his client. The woman had filed the charges of rape case against the suspect to whom the lawyer was defending inside the court. Lawyer, however, had gone an extra mile in the defense of his client and got engaged in a fist fight with the woman who levied the charges of rape.


The people in the surrounding had to intervene to stop the brawl between the two. “Leave it sir”, “stop the fight”, emphatically screamed the people who were trying to stop the fierce counteraction. “He is immodest”, the woman can be heard as saying in the video. Woman, who is already suffering from social dilemma is hard hit by the lawyer. Lawyer not only violated the social norms but also negated the prestige of his uniform. This develops a sense of lawlessness prevailing even within the court’s premises.


    “Law must not only catch the flies and leave the hornets go free.”

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Justice has already been a far cry in the country like Pakistan where people had to wait years long for court decisions. We still strongly believe in the justice system of Pakistan and hope for the speedy justice in that case although the crisis caused by the decades of neglect can’t be solved overnight. ‘Speedy justice‘ is a term that is described as a fundamental right in the Constitution of Pakistan . This implies the right to fair trial without unnecessary delays and within the reasonable framework of time.

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