The Forgotten, Brutalised Cop Ali Hassan Solangi

If there is anyone who can accurately narrate how the powerful in the country exploit the poor – it is this brutalized and forgotten cop, Ali Hassan Solangi.

Ali Hassan Solangi is a police constable, whose honest duty cost him everything he had. While he was working as court process server, Solangi became the victim of worst physical torture – that will send shivers down your soul.

Tormentors threw acid on his face and legs and chopped his hands off. Brutally fracturing one of his legs due to repeated axe blows, they shot his other leg and left him to die back in 2008.

His only crime was standing against the injustice. During the local body elections, Ali Hassan resisted rigging attempt at Khabbar Khairo polling station in Deh Shah Bukhari of Hyderabad district during local body elections. Seeking revenge, Mr Jam Khan Shoro, ex-local government minister of Sindh decided to reward his honesty and service by depriving him of every right to life.

The powerful and influential family then offered peanuts as out of court settlement, showing the worth of human life in Pakistan. However, there are no sources to even confirm Ali Hassan Solangi even received the promised amount. However, he met the same fate that this nation blessed many victims with – forgot them.

However, Mr Jam Khan Shoro is again rewarded for his actions that can put humanity to shame. Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has chosen him as a candidate from PS 62 Hyderabad. A decade has passed to the incident and we have moved on from it, something we are quite good at doing, but allowing him and the ones like him to enter the government to rule over us every single time will not help our situation.

Such brutality, such disrespect of humanity must not be accepted.

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