The Future of Digital Media: How can Pakistan Harness the Digital Tools

The developing world is also moving towards a digital revolution in almost every field of life following the developed world.

The invention of computers has changed everything. It has brought technology and the Internet to our fingertips. . This technology has made lives easier for people, distances have been covered and people are connected across continents, turning the world into a true global village. In this digital era, nearly all of us wake up and habitually reach out for our smartphones to check emails and social media updates, news, and engage ourselves in conversations.

Many of us call a cab to work, get updates from our favorite brands, send or receive money, do some reading from our favorite books, and a lot more all through our cell phones. This has been adopted globally and irrespective of any country or culture,  people are living almost the same kind of life with this growing technology. With evolving technology, there is a rapid change in digital media that is used to engage and inform people across the world.

Digital media is shaping the way we view the world through our digital touchscreens. Different kinds of devices and mediums provide us with the ultimate convenience and efficiency. With this growing pace of technology, it’s only a matter of time before digital media becomes the only form of media we consume on a daily basis.

The developing world is also moving towards a digital revolution in almost every field of life following the developed world. With technological advancements, people are becoming digital citizens from buying goods online to making e-payments. Digitalization has also created a number of jobs on social sites, people are making money through freelancing. The Digital revolution is also empowering women by providing online jobs.

Digitization: The future of e-governments

Digitization is not revolving around the individuals but also helping the governments to become e-governments. Pakistan is also adopting new technologies and evolving to digital Pakistan. Here are the few key points which can be used to make Pakistan more digital:

Pakistan is far behind in its literacy rate which cannot be achieved immediately, it will take time for to people learn and use the digital technologies in English. In that case, local content, in Urdu, can be developed which would be easily readable to people and the use of technology can be increased in the rural areas as well.

The Internet sensation is increasing in Pakistan but it is mainly used for entertainment purposes, i.e. on social sites rather than for some creative work. Government can play a role to divert youth towards positive use of the internet. Provide creative applications to students which can be helpful for their studies. Misuse of digital technologies will never lead to a progressive Pakistan.

Technical skills are mandatory for digital progress. IT-related institutes can be created throughout the country, with the help of IT experts these skills can be taught to youngsters and they can bring phenomenal inventions as they are the future of the country.

There is a dire need to increase cybersecurity to promote digital participation. In order to provide security to people who make online transactions, the government needs to strengthen the cybercrime wing and provide easy access to victims of cybercrime.

What is the way forward?

In order to promote e-commerce in Pakistan, the government needs to develop easy e-payments facilities such as easy paisa and jazz cash services are available. But the government needs to introduce PayPal, worldwide online payment systems which would enhance e-commerce activities.

Social sites, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, etc. can serve meaningful purposes in this regard, including educating people and digital marketing.

Virtual internships and online courses can be introduced to students for enhancing their skills and utilize their talents in government projects.

Digital technologies can bring revolution in the field from education to health and economics to governance as digitalization is the need of the hour for Pakistan. The positive use of digital technology will pave the way for the development of Pakistan.

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