The highlight of the OIC conference was how bravely PM Imran Khan raised issues of Muslim Ummah

The points Imran Khan bravely raised at the OIC conference translate his vision, commitment, determination and foresightedness for a better world.

The happiest part of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s speech at OIC Summit Makkah was the fact that these important issues of Muslim Ummah were raised bravely and confidently by a PAKISTANI PM. So proud to see that.

If you haven’t watched it, here is the summary of a short, 4 point speech of PM Imran Khan:

  1. I always pictured that one day I would be speaking at this summit & I promised myself that whenever I will get this opportunity I would raise the most important question that whenever western countries blaspheme our Prophet Muhammad, why did the Muslim Umman never respond properly? It’s our failure that we have not been able to explain to the west, our love for Prophet & the pain it causes us when they ridicule him.

West doesn’t take religion as important as we do, we live our religion, Islam. Hence it was our, responsibility to explain to the west that they can not hurt the religious sentiments of 1.2 Billion people in the name of ‘freedom of expression’. 

The Jewish community has very successfully explained to the world that any misinterpretation of Holocaust causes them pain, hence the west takes it as a sensitive issue, but when it comes to Prophet Muhammad, it doesn’t care, because we didn’t explain it to them that what Prophet Muhammad means to us.

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2. Secondly, the point he raised at the OIC conference was that the western world has equated Religion Islam with Terrorism. This has led to Islamophobia. West can not differentiate between a normal Muslim and a Terrorist. They think whenever a Muslim is involved in Terrorism, it has to do with Islam.

OIC should explain powerfully to the west that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism and wherever Muslims are being oppressed, they are fighting for freedom, like in Palestine and Kashmir. The political freedom fighters in Palestine & Kashmir are not Islamist Terrorists.

3. Thirdly, I want to say that the Muslim World should pay more attention to Science & Technology. Innovations like AI, blockchain tells that we are on the verge of another technological revolution. We must not lag behind once again. We need to spend more on quality education as a whole.

4. Lastly, he reminded the OIC conference that we must not forget why OIC was created 50 years ago. It was to give Palestine their rights, we need to reinstate the two-state solution in Palestine with Jerusalem as Palestine’s Capital. Also, People of Kashmir have not been given the right of self-determination as they were committed by the UN. People of Kashmir suffer a lot of oppression and we at OIC must stand with the oppressed Muslims.

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