The Horrifying ‘Ragging’ Culture In Colleges of Peshawar

The weather is changing, the air is chilling and with that, the new academic year is starting in universities. While this time can be a mix of multiple emotions – ranging from nervousness to excitement – there is one phase which is particularly tough for the young kids – the ragging culture.

Ragging, which has picked pace in Pakistan following international universities, has often wandered between the spectrums of subtle jokes to physical bullying.

However, in Peshawar particularly, the ragging culture is far more unforgiving, brutal and aggressive. With verbal embarrassment, it also involved utter humiliation – affecting the juniors deeply in the long term!

Recently the topic again came under limelight after a video went viral on social media, in which a student of PMS Edward College Peshawar was horrifying ridiculed. With subjecting him to utter humiliation, the student was dragged out of rickshaw, made fun of, forcefully applied lipstick. In another video, a student made to wear his shoes on his chest and made to measure the length of the road using a pencil, in such unforgivingly hot weather. Even the traffic police were called by the victim asking for help, but he became a silent spectator as well.

Here are the videos:


Imagine – a boy at the start of his academic year, facing this. How would this have damaged his confidence? Students of PMS Edward College are usually subjected to this inhumane and disrespectful behaviour as they are easy to identify due to their uniform. With the act itself, what more disturbing is how the people witnessing it felt the absolute no need to interfere and put an end to this madness, becoming a facilitator or the heinous practice?

The college the bullies belonged to have allegedly expelled two students and we are hopeful this serves as a lesson for them. But for a moment, think and reflect, what if the video didn’t make it to social media? Why have we come so insensitive that even our conscious doesn’t drag us to act in such situations – especially when it is happening right in front of our eyes?

What are your views on this? Share with us in the comments section below.

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