‘The News’ apologizes for posting fake news about CPEC

One day CPEC is Shelved and the next day it is picking up the pace……

  • The News published an article about CPEC being scraped and the next day, apologizes and retracts saying that CPEC is picking up pace.

  • Slowing of a CPEC is propaganda and it has nothing to do with ground facts and realities: The News

The News

Yesterday an article was published in The News with the title CPEC shelved? in which the future of CPEC was questioned. It was written in the article that the future of CPEC projects is uncertain.

CPEC Shelved

Analysts believe that projects of CPEC would either be scrapped or frozen. Moreover, German media has reported that the Chinese have practically stopped funding for the project says the article.

Several circles feel that the leadership of China is upset with the corruption allegations of the current government. A source has told to DW that the government of China has stopped investing in the projects particularly after the intense charges of corruption against ministers like Razak Dawood and Murad Saeed.

Whereas some politicians believe that some external powers want the CPEC project to slow down or completely raked says the article published on 19th September.

CPEC picking up pace

Another article with the reference to the previous one The News has published an article today to retract and take back what they printed about CPEC.

The article says that it was falsely issued in yesterday’s paper about the scraping or shelving of CPEC. Furthermore, the project is picking the pace after the current government came into power says, The News.

The Ministry of Planning, Development & Reform in a statement clarified that “CPEC was planned to be completed in three phases. The first phase of CPEC was to remove key economic bottlenecks namely energy and infrastructure. The current phase is about industrialization, socio-economic and agricultural cooperation and promoting business and consolidating developments”.

The whole article is about giving proof and evident that CPEC is on track and has the full-back of both countries slowing down of a project is mere propaganda and it has nothing to do with ground facts and realities.

It is quite odd that one-day CPEC is Shelved and the very next day it is picking up the pace. We have told you stories of both the articles what are your thoughts on that !!!!

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