‘The People vs Khadim Rizvi & Pir Qadri’ | A Citizens’ Initiative

People, hopeless after the deal between Government and Tehreek e Labaik, have stepped up to take an initiative for themselves. 

Acting vigilantly for the protection of their own lives and property, the citizens of Pakistan are moving the court. The people’s initiative named ‘The People vs Khadim Rizi and Pir Qadri’ is uniting the people on one platform to legally pursue the matter and seek justice for themselves. We can’t always submit to extremism if they use anarchy as a tool every single time to pursue their ulterior motives. 

But recent decisions and the role of the Supreme Court has somehow reinstated the faith of people in the transparency of the court’s procedures. Despite the justice system being choked and extremely sluggish, after the few unconventional decisions taken and justice served amid the threats involved, people have developed the faith that the justice will be served in the end.

People of Pakistan are ready to knock the door of the courts as well. Pakistan Votes is collecting information of the citizens who are willing to stand for themselves. They are welcoming individuals who can provide legal help. The petitions will be filed from the major cities (Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad) that were affected.

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According to the recent figures, 175 Pakistanis are ready to file the petition. As per the breakdown, 36 people belong to Islamabad,
58 people from Karachi, 49 people from Lahore and 5 from Rawalpindi. 

The damages caused to the national exchequer, people’s property, mental stress, lives lost because patients couldn’t reach hospitals and the paralysed cities for days after the terrorizing episode has shaken the people. But this time, they have vowed not to forget it and penalise the responsible. If you want to be a part of this, check here:

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