The Power Of Social Media: Son Who Physically Tortured His Mother And Left Her On A Pile Of Garbage Arrested By Sukkur Police

Crumbling and deteriorating society presented a bone-chilling delineation when we laid eyes of the picture of an aged woman, lying helplessly on the heap of garbage. The picture of a woman Bibi Sardaran, in her 80’s, brutally beaten by her son and then left wounded on piles of garbage near Sukkur’s Bus Terminal in semi-conscious state created a social media frenzy. The woman was tortured by her family over a domestic issue – as reported by ARY news.

After the news circulated around the internet, it was immediately condemned by the online community and they called for action by the authoritative bodies. With the power of social media and influence of online human rights defenders, Sukkur police soon spurred into action. After the information came to police’s notice, SSP Sukkur Mr Amjad Shaikh urgently and vigilantly fulfilled his duty and shifted the affected woman to the hospital for quick treatment and care.

The case also met real-estate tycoon Malik Riaz’s ear and he immediately sent off his team to shift her to Karachi for better treatment and health facilities. She will be treated at Bahria International Hospital, Karachi.

Meanwhile, Sukkur police on the orders of SSP has taken her son Bashir Korejo into custody over domestic abuse. He, however, denies the allegations and says his mother had gone missing since few days. Woman Protection Cell Sindh also reported that the matter is being pursued legally with collaboration with Sukkur police.

Before this, a video of a man brutally beating his daughter for resisting his immoral behaviour with her sister-in-law also went viral across social media. The magnitude of condemnation and protest online lead to his arrest and female police officers were deputed to take him to the court.

Not only is it incredibly empowering, but the kind of impact social media was able to make in both cases is extraordinary as well. It serves as an example that together, we can use our social media spaces to create a change that we ourselves have long-waited to see.

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