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The Punjab Food Authority Seals Four Food Points And Issues Warnings

A Positive Change Had Been Witnessed In The Food Industry


Several popular food points in Lahore were shut down by Punjab Food Authority on Tuesday for violating PFA rules and unhygienic environments. The actions were taken under the supervision of PFA Director General Irfan Memon.


The PFA director-general took action against two significant food points as Nadeem Buffet and TM Coffee were fined for failing to produce medical certificates. The PFA team was comprised of director vigilance and food safety officer.

Raided And Sealed:

Director PFA stated that their team raided Butt Karahi and sealed their restaurant due to adverse hygienic conditions, and no pest control measures. It is not the first-time failure to take preventative measures to control pests has resulted in a food point being sealed.

  • PFA also sealed Pak Asia Desi Karahi because they were using loose spices, had the worst hygienic and cleaning environment, and stored food in uncleaned freezers.
  • Bashir Darul Mahi was also shut down for mislabelled, expired food and substandard standards.
  • Fazal-e-Haq Dera was storing food in washrooms and next to no cleaning procedures.

Warning Notices:

The Director said that PFA gave warning notices to five units, which included Yousaf Falooda, Bundu Khan, Hot Spot Coffee, The Hungry Bare, and Matam Makkah. They were fined for overstepping minor violations and were directed to improve quality.

Positive Change and PFA Training School:

The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has seen positive change and improvement in recent months. According to the Director, PFA is fully committed to providing a safe, healthy atmosphere. The establishment of the PFA training school aims to take consistent action.

  • Bhai jaan sirf ye btana kaafi nae hai k Bundu khan proper btao k konsa Bundu khan. Taky log us branch ko avoid karain.
    Apny bs generally bta dia k Fazal r haq Dera Butt Karahi Bundu khan.. abh kisko kya pta konsi branch hai.. PROPER MENTION KARO k konsi branch hai.

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