‘The recent controversy left my dad helpless,’ Aima Baig

After a lot of backlash, the singer shared how the controversy had severely effected her mental health. 

'The recent controversy left my dad helpless,' Aima Baig

The Aima Baig controversy took over the internet by storm. Numerous people called out the Do Bol singer and multiple had a lot of bad things to say about her. The singer has opened up about how it impacted her family.

What had happened

A British model Taloulah Mair had accused Baig of cheating on her ex-fiance, Shahbaz Shigri with filmmaker Qes Ahmed. Qes was the model’s ex-boyfriend. She also shared some screenshots and call recording to back her claim.

After a lot of backlash, the singer shared how the controversy had severely effected her mental health.

Recently, Baig took to Instagram to share a picture of her father. In the caption, she penned down a note revealing her father’s sentiments throughout the whole scenario.

The Baazi vocalist stated that growing up, she wasn’t close to her father. However, she realised how much her father loved them after her mother passed away.

Baig wrote that the past days had been really hard on her and although she doesn’t open up about her problems to her family, she could still see her father’s concerns for her. ‘I could see a helpless, yet strong concern in his eyes and actions for me. He so badly wanted this whole chaos to be over for me,’ she wrote.

She further added that her father would do the little things to make her happy. ‘He would ask me if he can make me my fav sandwich or his delicate knocks on my door just to check up on me. His soft strokes on my head while I pretended to sleep,’ the singer stated.

Talking more about the special bond she shares with her dad, Baig said that her father would always stand up for her whenever she was ‘bullied in school.’ He would later take her to her favorite candy shop just so he could cheer her up. ‘I could see how he just badly wanted to go back in time,’ she added.

Concluding the post, Aima wished her dad a birthday and confessed that he has been the best father in the world. ‘He is the only parent I have now. But his efforts to fulfil both duties have been inspiring,’ Baig wrote.

She also requested everyone to respect her father regardless of what they think about her.

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