The runaway princess of Dubai says Sheikh planned to forcefully marry her 11-year-old daughter to MBS

This is not the first time Sheikh Al Maktoum became the center of controversy.

The UK court was informed that the Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum of Dubai was lining up his own 11-year-old daughter to marry Prince Muhammad Bin Salman (MBS) of Saudi Arabia. As reported by the Middle East Monitor, Sheikh discussed the agreement in February 2019 agreeing to marry his daughter Princess Jalila – aged 11 – to Prince MBS.

The case was exposed by Princess Haya, Jalila’s mother. Haya fled the royal household, took refuge in the UK and filed for divorce. In June 2019, Haya left Dubai along with her seven-year-old son Zayed and 11-year-old daughter Al Jalila. She describes that this planned marital contract for one of the reasons for it.

Not the first time for Sheikh Al Maktoum:

This is not the first time Sheikh Al Maktoum became the center of controversy. Previously, he was accused of kidnapping his own daughters.

Maktoum’s daughter Sheikha Shamsa Al-Maktoum tried to escape from her father’s $130 million estate in Surrey, UK, when she was 18. However, Shamsa was found in the nearby Cambridge and was later forcibly returned to Dubai. Eversince her return, no news has since been heard about her. It is said that she was imprisoned in Dubai and beaten.

Then in 2018, Shamsa’s sister Latifa tried to escape by crossing the border into Oman. Her attempt was foiled as well. Shamsa was abducted while the crew that helped her escape was imprisoned.

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