The Under-appreciated Sacrifices Of Pakistani Police

Pakistani Police is, unfortunately, one of the most ill-reputed institutions of Pakistan. Lacking public trust, organizational structure in tatters, crippling accountability mechanism and being severely underpaid becoming one of the underlying reasons for the rise of corruption has always turned the criticism bullets towards them.

But often blinded by the bad fishes in the sea, we tend to overlook those brave policemen who have blessed new life to the nation with their immortal sacrifices.

As of official data revealed in 2017, more than 3700 police personnel have lost their lives on the line of duty in over 450 suicide attacks since the year 2002.

The curse of terrorism in Pakistan has claimed lives of over 7000 innocent citizens while 14,270 sustained some kind of physical injuries in the suicide attacks over the past 15 years (data as of 2017).

However, along with the civilians, our police force has paid a heavy price in the nightmares we lived.  More than 1457 policemen were targeted and killed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 750 police personnel were killed in Sindh, 450 in Balochistan, 370 in Punjab and the while the rest of them lost their lives while performing duties in Gilgit-Baltistan, FATA and Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

Unfortunately, while we celebrate the heroes of Pakistan Army and mourn over the death of civilians, the sacrifices of the police department and their contributions towards improving the security situation are nullified.

When all our sympathies are invested otherwise, hundreds of police officers who presented their blood to fertilize the land of Pakistan that grew barren by hate and extremism are deprived of their right to appreciation and honor by us – the people.

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We can’t even compensate for one minute of what their families went through, the ordeals their loved ones lived through and the struggles the widows and the orphans of these hundreds of policemen faced but with our two words of appreciation from our hearts, we can prove we aren’t a dead nation. We honor our brave, strong and determined policemen.

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