The war between US and China over Huawei is way more serious than you might think

The US and China are basically locking horns for the global dominance and Huawei is China's key.

What might seem to you like the US trying to harm a Chinese tech giant Huawei in their regular ongoing trade war, is something way more serious and enormous in magnitude and impact. It might be the vantage point that will decide the future global dominance of China as a superpower.

Huawei is a Chinese tech giant that was coming up with 5G internet technology. It is a big leap forward in internet speed unlike 2G to 3G or 3G to 4G. 5G is faster exponentially. It is so fast that it can change the whole world as we know it.

Experts say that if you used to download a high definition movie on 3G, it used to take you hours and hours, on 4G it came down to few minutes and now on 5G you literally can download your favorite movie just in a snap of a finger. So yeah it’s lightning fast.

Such a fast internet only means power when in the right hands. And that’s exactly where the US Chinese war of dominance lies.


Why is the US worried about Chinese global dominance?

The biggest concern of the US, with lightning-fast 5G technology empowered Huawei, is the ability China is going to forge to spy and do surveillance of the whole world including the US. This is a luxury that was earlier enjoyed only by the US, so they know exactly what is the threat, and what powers and leverage China might have over them.

Along with this, 5G technology will transform the Artificial Intelligence a.k.a. AI, and its effectiveness and accuracy more than ever before. Which means all those AI-based robots would be able to process information and make decisions faster and accurately.

The people even a little familiar with technology are aware of how big leap it is in technology if you are at this much advantage and superiority in technology over your adversary. AI is the future and it’s connected to 5G. And who knows all those robotic apocalypses that we’ve been hearing and watching movies about become a bitter reality.

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The US won the previous 4G race and it gave their GDP a $100 billion boost, and with 5G the boost is expected to be even bigger, i.e. around $500 to its GDP. So it’s about Power, Money and dominance over your opponent and whole world and no one is willing the miss the chance.

Apparently, China with the help of Huawei was already winning the war until Trump decided to play it dirty and hit Huawei the way it is hitting now. It’s like cheating, if you can’t win it, don’t let the other pass the final red ribbon. The US is doing everything in its capacity to take this lead while stopping Huawei (China) from releasing 5G earlier by hooks or crooks.

Earlier it arrested Huawei’s CFO and now cancelling their licence for Google’s Android. Only time will tell how things unfold.

Here’s how famous Comedy Central comedian Trevor Noah took a dig at the whole issue and how the US is behaving in it.

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