The White In The Flag: Plight Of Marginalized Hindu Community Of Pakistan

Flag of Pakistan could’ve been all green – but it isn’t. Imagine, how plain it would’ve been to look at?
The statement, bold white adds value to it. It adds diversity, grace and meaning to it, just like our minorities do to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
Maybe the white exists in there to constantly remind us that this country doesn’t belong to the people with one religious affiliation, it is meant to be for all.

While we looked at this flag on the roadside, in our school assemblies and on television as the ‘independence’ month started, we are actually still in denial of what it reminds us of.

The white- the forgotten white. Pakistan, a country that promised to secure them in all the aspects made them vulnerable. Our insensitivity and ignorance of their plight have landed them in a crisis. The catastrophe can be reflected by the fact that every year, 5000 Hindus migrate to India, showing. But what is causing this threat to the pluralistic nature of Pakistani society?

Nothing is being done to cater their reservations. Pakistan roughly has a Hindu population of 3.4 million, the majority of whom are Dalit, lowest caste. Most of them employed as laborers and farmers, forced conversions, marriages and restriction of opportunities are leaving this country for a secure, more protected life.

Their plight to no one, they say that kidnapping of girls, forced conversion and marriages become even graver of a problem when the judiciary resides with the culprits and further oppresses the victim. With no one to listen to them and no institution providing them protection, they have no other choice than to leave.

The community says that they face discrimination in every sphere. Even if their children go to school, they are denied water and have to take their own bottles with them. To avail the basic facility to ‘live’, they have to pay a price i.e. to bow in front of everything the landlord says. Watch the marginalized Hindu community narrate the challenges they face themselves.


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