The Girl Who Blamed Lawyer Of Raping Her, Turns Out To Be A Part Of Organised Gang Manipulating People

A video of a girl named Sidra Riaz, who claimed to be raped by a lawyer, who apparently also was the nephew of her professor in IIUI (International Islamic University), went viral on social media. The video was sent to an online anti-harassment organisation named Stop Harassment Now.

The organisation is a platform that has connected victims, activists, lawyers and mental health experts – providing free assistance to the affected. After the video went viral and the case was taken up by human rights lawyer Fatima tuz Zahra Butt, who is also part of the said platform.

However, it appeared gimmicky to her and she took it to investigate it further. She had several meetings with Sidra, found inconsistencies in her account of the incident and contacted to concerned authorities. Upon researching, she found out that Sidra is part of an organised gang, that blackmails people to mint money from them and on refusal, blames them for harassment to save their neck.


VIDEO | Islamic International University Student Allegedly Raped By Nephew of Professor, Needs Your Help For Justice

Advocate Fatima, on her Facebook, wrote that she is informing the lawyers of Islamabad Bar that she is no more affiliated with the said case. She added that Ms Sidra Riaz was working and contributing towards a criminal gang that blackmails innocent people to extract money from them. When they fail and the individual resists, they falsely accuse them.

”I would like to further inform that she is a member of a gang who has been involved in trapping innocent boys and demands money from them and in case if boys refuse to pay the money, she lodges false cases against them. She is not alone dealing with all these matters as she has a proper group who support her in such activities. My only purpose in showing interest, in this case, was to know the actual facts as I am a human rights activist and human rights lawyer.” – She wrote in her Facebook Post. 

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