There Are Many Ways To Protest – Animal Abuse Is NOT One Of Them

Criticism on others and turning a complete blind eye to our own conduct is one of the favorite hobbies of Pakistanis. When we passionately chant the slogans of ‘change’ at the top of our voices but wait for someone else to take the lead, serving it to us – it perfectly reflects our denial and lack of will to change ourselves in the process.

However, if our approach transitions to be more introspective in nature in this regard, we surely will be the facilitators of the change we crave to see. If we sit down, self-reflect, diagnose and promise to change that one habit we think is holding our society back, we can actualize our philosophies and make this country a better place for generations to come.

The step that comes after it is asking for others to change. Now is the time where you can record your protests and make an impact on others, showing how imperative it is to challenge the status quo and snap out of the usual methodology of things.
Speaking of protests, let’s go through some innovative yet powerful ways of how progressive, successful and civilized nations protested in the past:

India: Men Protest Against Government’s Comments That “Women Who Dress Immodestly Are Inviting Rape”


Brazil: Protest Against FIFA World Cup


Italy: Factory Workers Lay Down Their Hats In The Streets


Spain: Coal Miners Protests By Holding A Night Vigil With Their Helmets

Going through and literally feeling the strength just by some pictorial evidence, do you think animal abuse can create an impact equal to these peaceful yet effective ways? Simply, NO.

Beating and humiliating an animal, who can only feel the pain but can’t even express it in the language us humans understand, is a common sight in Pakistani political rallies and protests. I am sure you must have come across a similar incident, where a donkey after painting ‘Nawaz’ on its body was brutally beaten by PTI supporters. The heart-wrenching pictures raise many questions on our collective moral sense, civilized conduct, and ethics – all at the same time.

No party is to blame here, it is us, the people answerable for this. Unfortunately, this isn’t even the first time something like this met our eye. ‘Gadha’, which is considered to be an abuse and insult, is the most common victim of this brutality. Protestors find it amusing to paint the rival politicians’ name on it and then subject it to physical torture to show their disapproval.


But not only the infamous donkey, we haven’t even spared ‘King’ of the Jungle and the most powerful wild animals! Before 2013 general elections, a white tiger reportedly died during a PML(N) rally due to the extremity of the temperature.

We must quit this practice and make this country a friendly place to live in – for humans and animals alike. With urging to NEVER use this uncivilized protesting method yourself, also be a vigilant citizen and stop it if you see someone doing it in front of your eyes. This practice not only stoops lower than every stage of human decency but also is severely disliked by our religion.

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