These 32 GREAT British Council Post-grad Scholarships make it easier to study in the UK

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UK is working to attract Pakistani students with these 32 GREAT scholarships.

Pakistan attracts a lot of attention from the countries looking to facilitate international students because of its massive percentage of a young population. According to UNESCO’s Global Flow of Tertiary Level Students report, the country has an outbound mobility ratio of 3.1% – which was over 58,000 students in 2019 – higher than neighboring countries India (1.1%) and Bangladesh (1.6%).

Over the last two academic intakes (2018 and 2019), the number of Pakistani students travelling to the UK has risen. However, these overseas Pakistani students started to struggle due to the financial restraint that stemmed from the impact of Covid-19.

During the pandemic, the British Council studied the impact of Covid-19 on overseas Pakistani students. 61% of the respondents from Pakistan highlighted finance as one of their prime concerns.

The financial constraint is understandable as many aspiring students are often dependent on financial aid and scholarship opportunities offered by universities for further education. This financial support helps students progress their careers, set up new businesses, or bring change and opportunity to communities.

These 32 GREAT scholarships offer a bright future for Pakistani students.

Here are 32 GREAT scholarships that can help Pakistani students excel in the future

The British Council is offering 32 GREAT Scholarships to prospective international students from Pakistan for studying a one-year postgraduate program in the UK. This initiative is co-funded by the UK government’s GREAT Britain Campaign and the British Council.

Each GREAT scholarship is worth a minimum of £10,000 (towards the tuition fee) and is being offered in partnership with 21 universities across the UK. Out of the 32 scholarships being offered, 27 are aimed at various subjects, including Engineering, Computer Sciences, Fashion and Design, Business and Management, and Social Sciences. The remaining five scholarships are reserved for subjects like Climate Change, Environment, and Sustainability.

How to apply for UK’s 32 GREAT scholarship programs?

Eligibility Criteria 

To be eligible for the GREAT scholarships, candidates must:

  • Be citizens of Pakistan.
  • Have an undergraduate degree that will enable him/her to enter a postgraduate (taught) program in a UK university.
  • Be motivated and academically able to follow a UK postgraduate course active in the field with work experience.
  • Prove interested in the subject area and meet the English language requirement of the UK university.

Application Deadline

The GREAT scholarships were launched on the 26th of October, 2020. Although the launch date is the same for all, the application deadlines differ for each scholarship opportunity. The application deadline for each GREAT scholarship 2021 depends on each institutions’ own application deadlines. Interested Pakistani students can check the application deadlines with their chosen university.

Another deadline that is the same for all GREAT scholarships is the deadline for universities to select candidates, i.e., the 18th of June 2021. This means prospective students have time between now and the beginning of June 2021 to avail one of the 32 scholarships.

GREAT scholarships are here to change the future of Pakistani students for the better.

More Details about the GREAT scholarships

The GREAT scholarships are being offered by the British Council and the UK government to make quality UK education more accessible to prospective students from Pakistan. Alongside a world-class qualification, studying in the UK allows students to experience new cultures firsthand, network with a diverse student base and professionals from all around the globe, and gain skills to further their career development.

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