These Sketches Are Made By A 14 Year Old! – Meet Safa Ali

Pablo Picasso once said that every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.
Actually saying it quite right, the art legend himself had diagnosed that every child has creativity in himself. It only depends on how much it is allowed to nourish, grow and refine.

But when the talent is invested in the personality, nothing can stop it from shinning bright – not even the tender age. If you feel any doubtful, meet the talented teenager from Karachi, Safa Ali.

Student of the reputed St. Joseph Convent School Karachi, the 14 years old Safa can give competition to some of the most established artists in the industry. At such a tender age, Safa has magic in her hands. Here are some of her work to verify the statements we just made:

Setting the internet on fire with her talent, Safa’s sketches have garnered a lot of social media attention recently. Safa started learning and refining her skills at the age of nine. She gives credit of her exceptional sketches to the head of the Art Department at Saqquain Art Institute. Being her teacher, he helped to take her talent to the safe point it is at.

In a society held by the shackles of doctor-engineer labels, Safa’s father is supporting her daughter and will give her all sorts of moral support to pursue a career in fine arts. With individuals like her holding the flag high, Pakistan, surely, will never run out of talent.

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