They Need Your Help To Remind CJP and COAS About Their Forgotten Promise – Do Your Part!


20-year-old Sehrish and her brother Musharraf Zubair, 13, is needing help from their fellow countrymen.

Children to a teacher Malik Zubair, belonging to a compromising financial background, these two are fighting the battle for survival.
Both Sehrish and Zubair suffer from a genetic disorder called ‘Familial Hypercholesterolemia’. Caused by a defect in chromosome 19, the defect makes the body incapacitated to remove low-density lipoprotein from blood, causing the LDL or bad cholesterol level to rise abnormally. This dangerously increases the risk of cardiac arrest at a young age.

Unfortunately, the treatment isn’t present in Pakistan. Zubair has made a decade-long effort to get his plight heard, pleading for help. He finally made it to the mainstream media and the honorable Chief Justice of Pakistan promised on 22nd April to import the machines required for their treatment within 10 days. However, more than three months have passed while Zubair and his helpless children are still looking towards the Supreme Court, waiting for the action to be taken.

Chief of Army Staff Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa also extended a supporting hand to them, announcing help. However, they have still not gotten any aid that was promised on the Army’s behalf.

Not only it is heartwrenching to see young Pakistanis with the potential to reshape the society suffering due to lack of facilities and finances, it is also distressing that after building their hopes and taking them to the heights of the skies, they have been mercilessly buried.

Pakistan’s independence day has just passed and with celebrating it with the spirit it deserves, we all have made promises to ourselves to do all we can to make this country great. However, these efforts don’t necessarily be on a greater magnitude. They can be little efforts, constant efforts and effective efforts which make a big difference. The least we can do is share their ordeal and spread the word so that it reaches respected Chief Justice and Chief of Army Staff to remind them about their forgotten promise.

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