This is why critics believe Sweden’s COVID-19 strategy is risky and could backfire

For a small country, Sweden has suffered a relatively high number of deaths.

Scientists have warned that Sweden’s refusal to go into the coronavirus lockdown is leading the country towards catastrophe.

Daily life is carrying on as normal in Sweden despite the rest of Europe being in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The coronavirus has not skipped Sweden; they are dealing with it differently. Some including the President of the United States, Donald Trump, believe that the country is betting everything on a controversial theory named ‘herd immunity’.

According to the herd immunity theory, you deliberately allow the disease to move through the population so that younger people with antibodies protect the elderly, and more vulnerable.

Meanwhile, the Swedish Foreign Minister, said, “Our goal is the same as many other countries. We want to save lives.”

The Swedish Chief Epidemiologist, Anders Tegnell, said, “We are asking everyone to avoid travel, work from home when possible, and isolate if you feel unwell. So far, it worked.”

Numbers tell a different story

For a small country, Sweden has suffered a relatively high number of deaths, now at 919. The deaths per 100,000 people stand at 8.83%, higher than that of the United States, at 6.73%.

According to critics, Sweden is engaged in a high-risk experiment, whereas the Swedish officials believe they have found the right balance. Either way in the coming months, Sweden will have much to teach the world about how to best manage COVID-19.

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