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This Italian Traveler Is Showing Pakistan’s Historic Sites To The World In The Most Artistic Way!

Pakistan’s image, plagued by terrorism, landed us in dark times and isolation globally. However, when the situation gets hopeless, art and literature become a helping hand to pull out of it. And needless to say, it helped Pakistan as well. When the mainstream media profiled Pakistan as an unsafe country, the social media influencers believed that there are two sides to every coin, took the brave step to explore for themselves and change the perception.

Among them is Andrea Angelucci, a Rome based tour guide who is in Pakistan currently, visiting country’s historic sites with a hint of art!


An archaeologist and a tour guide, Angelucci loves photography and mountaineering. But what sets him apart is his unique style.

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In his precious journal, he draws sketches of places he wants to visit. His Instagram feed doesn’t look any less than an art gallery. He draws the sketches of his dream historic places he wants to visit and then showcases his work in a unique manner when he sees them

Here, see for yourself:

With sharing his work, he also writes small precise notes with every one of his shots to write about the historic locations.

”Built around 400 years ago, Wazir Khan Mosque rises within the city walls of Lahore, near the Delhi Gate. It was built by Ilmuddin Wazir Khan over the tomb of a holy man 50 years prior to the Badshahi Mosque, being the largest mosque at the time. During a period where a ruler like Shah Jahan was building structures all over his empire, this mosque was privately financed which makes it even more unique” – he wrote introducing Lahore’s heartthrob Masjid Wazir Khan.

His unique work is gaining a lot of public attention and quite honestly, it is well deserved!

Check his work HERE.

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