This New Technology Will Deliver Sound In Your Ears WITHOUT Wearing Headphones

2019 is certain to be revolutionary and ground-breaking just like 2018 was for countless reasons. However, one particular area that we are expecting major far-reaching advancements in is technology. And the year looks promising already!

A startup called Noveto can actually change your earphones game forever. It has come up with a revolutionary technology to deliver sound right in your ears without having to wear any earphones – or any device at all.

The technology uses focused sound waves. Noveto brought on Brian Wallace to help bring the product to the market. Wallace previously helped raise $1.4 billion for Magic Leap. 

Noveto, a startup based in Israel, is likely to make your headphones look old-fashioned and out-dated by the year 2019. The technology can do the exact same thing as your earphones – delivering sound right in your ears without letting the surroundings disturb you – but without any device.

It makes use of ‘focused’ audio. It is different than directional audio as it is ‘steerable’. Noveto’s focused audio can also follow you around as you move, unlike the directional audio.

“I need to know the position of your ears in space so I know where to build my sound bubbles” – Shani, co-founder, told talking to Business Insider.


The blue X marks the spots.
Source: Noveto

The product is expected to be priced at a relatively lower end (price between $249 to $299) – which is comparatively low as compared to VR. Also, there is a lot of potential for existing products to incorporate Noveto technology. This could be amazing in a car specifically.

“Each passenger can enjoy their own audio content. The kids in the back seat can see a Walt Disney [movie] for the 15,000th time, and in the front you can hear something else or just enjoy peace and quiet.” – Shani said. 

It can be built into laptops and TV as well. Here is the brief video that shows how it works:

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