Three Children Fall Ill After Using Pakistani Kohl Eyeliner


Hashmi Kohl – if you are a Pakistani, you have either used it at least one in your life or have seen it resting on the shelf of your house.

Though we have been using it since childhood and have somehow adapted to it, the Kajal eyeliner has made 3 kids ill in Sydney. Though it so boldly claims to be ‘lead free’, the eyeliner is almost entirely made of lead. The studies show that the product contains 84 per cent lead and also contains high levels of hazardous contents like mercury, chromium, cadmium and arsenic.

NSW Better Regulation Minister Matt Kean said that the product claiming to be lead-free and still having such a massive percentage is an absolute ‘disgrace’.

“Some of the product packagings even specifically states that no lead is present, which is a total disgrace” – Mr Kean said in a statement on Tuesday.

The three children that fell ill belonged to the same family. Doctors found elevated lead levels in children’s blood, prompting NSW Fair Trading investigation and referral to Border Force for a thorough investigation.

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Businesses supplying products that are violating the quality standards and selling products having ingredients that can have an adverse impact on health can be fined for hefty amounts – even up to $1.1 million.
The products coming from Pakistani or Indian manufacturers are banned in the United States due to their low quality and deceptive claims. US regulators have also put a ban on all kohl eye cosmetic products because will being damaging for the health due to high lead levels, they also carry false labels which claim them to be safe for usage.

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