Three men handed punishment, fine over contracting a second marriage without permission

The men who were sentenced to prison were identified as Idris, Altaf, and Tariq.

  • Islamabad High Court (IHC) declares the consent of the Arbitration Council mandatory for second marriage.
  • All three men were fined and imprisoned for marrying the second time without any consent from their first wives.

second marriage

On Saturday, three men were sentenced one-year imprisonment and Rs100, 000 fine by a local court. The men were fined and imprisoned for contacting second marriage without any consent from their first wives, says the source.

Tariq, Idris, and Altaf were the men who were awarded imprisonment.

Before this, on July 15, a man was arrested, and fined over contracting a second marriage without any consent from his first wife.

Ms. Shamim filed a complaint against her husband Rashid, over second marriage, which was heard by the court of Judicial Magistrate Amanullah Bhatti.

She pleaded to the court that her husband Rashid married second times without telling and taking permission from her. While the law says, the husband should get permission from her first wife before getting married the second time.

“He not only betrayed me but also violated the law of the land,” the petitioner said seeking legal action against her husband.

What law says?

Recently Islamabad High Court (IHC) declares the consent of the Arbitration Council mandatory for second marriage.

According to the 1961 Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, “the person who performs a marriage without permission will be punished and fined”. Furthermore, the individual “will also be penalized for second marriage if the Arbitration Council does not permit it in spite of the approval by the first wife”.

The court order read: “In the facts and circumstances of the case in hand, it is an admitted position that the respondent, regardless of his place of residence, holds a National Identity Card issued to him by the authority under the Ordinance of 2000. As long as the National Identity Card remains valid and subsisting, the respondent cannot claim to be a person who is not a citizen of Pakistan. The marriage was contracted between the parties and duly registered in Islamabad and, therefore, to the extent of the petitioner the cause of action in the context of section 6 of the Ordinance of 1961 has arisen in Islamabad”.

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  • بے ہودہ,کالا اور اسلام مخالف قانون شرم آنی چاہیے قانون بنانے والوں اور سزا دینے والوں کو….کیا کبھی پاکستان میں زنا کرنے پر بھی سزا ہوئ ہے….؟؟؟ دوسری شادی پر سزا ایسا قانون جس کی جتنی مذمت کی جائے کم ہے یہ لوگ پاکستان کے نظریے کو کھوکھلا کر رہے اور اسلام کی مخالفت میں انتہا کو پہنچ رہے ہیں

  • This law is ultra virus constitution, hence void ab initio….there is no such restriction posed by Allah on man i.e to obtain permission before second marriage….Pakistan must not make laws that are in contravention of Allah’s direct instructions….marriage is a religious activity, Govt cant make laws in contravention of Quran n Sunnah….This is Zulm on these man and their 2nd wives, in the eyes of Sunnah….No punishment should be made on any thing, that has made HAlal by Allah…In Pakistan…people can deal in Interest (the biggest Sins in the eyes of Allah), but are restricted to to do Halal nikkah…something is seriously going wrong…

  • Jab ik biwi bar bar naraz ho jae or ghar wapis na ae to shuhar dosri shadi na kre to kia kre lalchi log talaq lene ly leye phly he bht kuch haq mehar ma likhwa lete ha phr talaq bhi nae day sakta dosre shadi bhi na kre phr wo bnda zanna he kre ga q ky islamic mulk ha shadi 4 ki jga ik he lazim ha but us biwi ko bhi saza di jae jo maa bap ki man kar chali jae or kabhi na ane ky liye Or paise mangy

  • This law is against the teaching of Quran or Sunnah…. As اسلام allow a Muslim man to have four nikha at a time and also said to do انصاف between them. If a 1st wife will file a case against her husband on 2nd marriage and her husband convicted by court then how husband will live with her. He will leave her on her act.

  • It will be woman who will face the brunt. The elite class woman are already facing it taking Physcho medicine and STD medicines as their husbands are promiscuous and go to prostitutes.
    Also, for men nowadays a womanis a big time responsibility although its the woman who are earning and running the household still men are boycotting marriage.

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