Throats Slit, Found On Garbage Heaps – Karachi Tops The List With Most Newborn Girls Murders

Islam instilled hope in the hearts of those whose souls were crushed by social discrimination, gender inequality and racism prevailing in the world. They found this to be the only resort to put their insecurities to rest, but unfortunately, as time progressed we were the first people to forget these lessons of kindness as well that was blessed upon us.

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If you are a parent, you know that your child holds all of your soul. It is said that a child who loses his parents is called an orphan, a wife who loses his husband is called a widow but the literature has no name for the parents who lose their kids, as the grief is beyond words.
But there still exist parents, who throw their new-born children to garbage dumps – quite literally. Driven by financial constraints or souls drenched in essence of male privilege, these little girls are abandoned, killed and thrown to trash for wild animals to feast on their vulnerable dead bodies.

Karachi’s Garbage Heaps Houses The Most Number of Murdered Infants:

A spokesman from Edhi Centre narrates a bone-chilling incident while talking to The News. Narrating, he says that they received a phone call informing they found a four days old girl, murdered, throat slit open, on top of a garbage heap.
This is not the only incident of barbarity. Karachi, in the year 2017 alone, found 355 such dead infants (Source: Edhi Foundation)
99% of them were girls. Karachi tops the list of these notorious incidents as 72 girls have been discovered and buried by Edhi Foundation alone in first four months of the year 2018.

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A senior manager at Edhi Foundation Karachi, Anwar Kazmi reflects on the situation saying that such incidents as shaking for a human being.
“We have been dealing with such cases for years and there are a few such incidents which shook our souls as much. It left us wondering whether our society is heading back to primitive age” (Source: The News)Spokesperson of Chhipa Foundation, Shahid Mehmood said that their parents might abandon them, but being a welfare organization, they cannot. Chhipa has discovered 93 such cases in Karachi 2017 onwards. They buried around 70 newborn girls in 2017 while 23 in first four months of 2018.
Shahid said that the situation is grave. A proper burial for an infant costs around Rs 2000. He says that he wonders how poor the families are who, after killing, don’t feel any remorse for throwing them in the garbage. He added that it’s beyond his understanding how their parents think they don’t even deserve a proper burial.

To contribute to the situation positively, Edhi Foundation introduced ‘Jhoolas’ (baby cradles), where people can leave their unwanted children. But the initiative got little success as it is believed to promote illegitimacy. Only 14 children were left in them, alive, during the past year. 12 of them were girls while 2 of them were boys, who were physically unfit.

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