THROWBACK to when PM Imran Khan once choked a 12-year-old on ground

Here is what happened

PM Khan chocked a boy

The Former Cricket Captain and Current Prime Minister, Imran Khan, had once nearly choked a 12-year-old boy in a cricket ground.

In 1982, Pakistan was playing against archrivals India in the final Test of a six-match series in Karachi when the 12-year-old boy ran onto the field. It was common for spectators to jump over the net fence and run on the cricket ground in those days. Ground staff and Police would run behind to catch the invaders and take them off the field.

The young boy ran onto the ground in this intensely contested match, and to his joy, the Police or the ground staff did not catch him. His happiness was short-lived, though, as he ran into Pakistan’s captain, Imran Khan, who got hold of him.

PM Khan chocked a boy

According to the BBC, the boy could not free himself from Khan’s firm grip as he lifted him. Fortunately, not much harm was caused to the boy as Imran released him with thousands of spectators watching in disbelief.

Reporters and Commentators present in the match said that if Imran had held him a bit longer, the boy’s life could have been in danger.

Photos of the incident were published in newspapers worldwide, and everyone sympathized with the boy.

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  • Opposition Thieves should learn a lesson from this incident…if Khan catches them there will be no rescue…

  • “youthia” patwari #ZahniGhulam are doing whatever they can lolz but this time they are failed in every respect lolz ro patwari ro ,

  • Massive exaggeration I have every game from 1978 onwards and most I saw most , I was even at Harrogate vs India live during the famous shin kicking incident it happened yards in front of me ….

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