‘TikTok vs Youtube’ debate heats up once again as netizens compare Areeqa Haq with Irfan Junejo

It is an undeniable fact that TikTok leveraged an untapped market for ‘shorter-content’ and have captured millions of user around the globe.

However, the app is often criticized for promoting “cringe content”. The heated debate ‘TikTok Vs Youtube’ has reached new heights and people have started calling out TikTok for providing an easy way to fame for those without talent.

Unfortunately, some talented Pakistani TikTokers are also subjected to this troll culture!

Among many such TikTok stars, Areeka Haq is one of the victims.

Areeka Haq is the new heartthrob of the country, with a jaw-dropping following of more than 4.6 million on TikTok and 990K on Instagram.

Recently, people started comparing TikTok Star, Areeka, with Irfan Junejo (a famous YouTuber) while stressing that the reason for Areeka’s massive following is nothing else but Pakistani awaam’s tharak. Not so surprisingly, most of the people supported such statements floating all over the internet.


It is high time that Pakistanis start to realize that regardless of the social media platform, without hard work and dedication, one cannot build a fan base.

It takes years and years of effort and investment to get to a certain point. Moreover, a person who has made their way to the top and a person who is still struggling is of no comparison. We are all fighting our own battles where the least people are looking for is love and support from each other.

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