[VIDEO] How TikTok changed the life of Phoolu, a small-town wheat farmer

Phoolu's down-to-earth personality helped him create videos that won millions of hearts.

A simple wheat farmer, Phoolu, has millions of followers on TikTok. This man utilized no fancy ad campaigns, state support, traditional media backing, or needless controversies to gain so many followers.

Such is the story of a simple man who created all this success for himself with his talent. Phoolu\’s down-to-earth personality helped him create videos that won millions of hearts and raised his social media following organically.

Just like Phoolu, many other rickshaw wallas, pan wallas, security guards, girls from villages, and more have been able to create simple, but delightful videos to post on TikTok that end up getting millions of likes.

With TikTok banned, all these people have lost their place in society and their source of joy.

If a social media application had to be banned for its obscene content, it should have been Twitter. Waqar Younis said:

Twitter\’s algorithm employs no restrictions or censors; extremely indecent videos can also be freely posted on the platform.

All of this explains the inappropriate memes we see trending on Twitter. Considering this, Twitter should have been the first app to go; however, the platform will never be banned because all the state\’s propaganda campaigns are run on Twitter.

On the other hand, no one will raise fingers towards Instagram because the Government surely does not want to disappoint our society\’s rich.

HOWEVER, TikTok was the one app that was free of all propaganda and welcomed people of all statures (not just the rich). Therefore, it had to go under fire for being the most “democratic” of all. How dare TikTok “not control trends with paid accounts”? How dare TikTok “express joy of all people regardless of their lifestyle”? How dare TikTok “exist”?

Since the Government could not control information on the platform, they had to something about it as doing nothing would have threatened the state\’s caliber to take progressive decisions. So here we are with TikTok banned in Pakistan.

Our Government should understand that there is a dark side to every social media application. Every platform houses cringe, controversy, inequity, and other evils of society. At least TikTok gave a chance to all.

With one statement, the Government of Pakistan has rid 20 million users of freely expressing and sharing any joy. While the rich were only doing it as a \’hobby\’, lives of simple people like Phoolu were massively impacted by TikTok fame, while now his voice has been silenced.

The art, creativity, and expression of the love of millions of Pakistani TikTokers has been banned just to appease authoritative figures.

Is this fair? Will banning TikTok help bring a stop to all the indecency that happens on Pakistan\’s streets? If not, what even was the point of this?

What are your thoughts on this? Please share with us in the comment section below.

  • Just a thought.

    What stops him from opening a Youtube account and uploading his already made videos and earning $$$ from the same. Or for that matter Facebook ? He has a ready made name too Phoolllu ?

    Or can he only use tiktok and lacks the knowledge and means to run a youtube channel

    PS he canot be that simple that he is a farmer but knows how to run a tiktok account

    • Tiktok and youtube are two different platforms. Tiktok videos are much easier than youtube. Also youtube alograthisms discourage short videos.

    • This is the beauty of tik tok
      they made it so simple to use.
      also you don’t have to spread, the algorithm spreads your content, you just have to be good enough.

  • Government of Pakistan should have open tiktok and block bad accounts which are caused bad content on their videos

  • Indeed I did not install tiktok app but sometimes I did it for entertainment.really I m so sad for those who have achieved fame .I advise you people keep calm….and those are haters who do not become famous that is why they get jealousy

  • Indeed many of tiktok content creators of Pakistan created such marvelous content that they managed to ban the platform itself ?

  • Showing stupidity with songs on tiktok and earning haram… buhat acha hwa h… in sha Allah ab kabhi ye unban nahi ho g

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