TikTok's Popular Long Jumper Asif Magsi recruited by Pakistan Army [VIDEO]

Magsi's viral videos showcase his tremendous long jump over 11 bikes and a water canal,

Asif Magsi, the latest social media sensation\\’s efforts finally bore fruit. The athlete\\’s series of videos attempting long jumps went viral and captivated everyone because of the visible athletic brilliance.

Magsi\\’s viral videos showcase his tremendous long jump over 11 bikes and a water canal. He does these stunts while raising the Pakistani flag high in his hand, which is a sight for sore eyes. This talent is the reason Magsi garnered praise from Carl Lewis, a legendary track and field athlete. Lewis said:

Magsi has the right temperament and attitude to be an excellent professional athlete.

After all this recognition, Magsi was bound to catch the eye of notable organizations. The Pakistan Athletics Federation didn\\’t even think twice before contacting him for training with the country\\’s leading coaches. The Athletics Federation\\’s President, Major General Akram Sahi, said:

I personally contacted Asif and invited him to Lahore, where we will polish his skills and make him capable of representing Pakistan at the international level. I have asked our senior and most excellent coaches to observe him as soon as he reaches Lahore. I hope he will grow up to be a sold prospect for Pakistan.

However, the most recent development in Magsi\\’s fate has stunned everyone. Reports state that the Pakistan Army has recruited the talented athlete.

Recently, a media outlet reported that Thatta-based Magsi, a fisherman by profession, is now joining the Pakistan Army athletics team instead of training with the Athletics Federation.

We wish Asif Magsi the best of luck for future endeavors and hope he makes Pakistan proud.

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  • This is a very good decision !!!
    He possesses talent and Army would polish him .
    Good Luck !!!!

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