Social Media Lambasts TikToker Ali Khan For Mocking Fan Girl’s Complexion During Video Call

A Famous TikToker, Ali Khan, popularly known as ‘Ali Khan Hyderabadi,’ is in the middle of a controversy after making a racist comment during a live video. 

Hyderabadi made an insensitive joke during an Instagram live session where he took a jibe against a female fan over her dark skin color.

He invited a fan in a recent Instagram live session and later made fun of her dark complexion. He then asked her to clean her face to appear ‘clearer.’ A child also accompanied the TikTok star during the live video. In the live session, Ali reportedly said, ‘clean your camera, as you are scaring the child.’

However, netizens on Twitter called his behavior as shameful. They said that he does not deserve respect as they found the video extremely hurtful.


After facing a massive backlash, Ali Hyderabadi responded to the trolls by a post on his Instagram account, saying, “Stay calm and give me some space to explain my side of the story.”

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  • ایسے ہوتا ہے جب ان جیسوں کی تھوڑی میں زیادہ وڑ جاتا ہے

  • یہ کھوتی کا بچہ پلیٹ صاف کرتے کرتے مشہور ہو گیا اور اپنی اوقات بھول گیا ہے

  • Manhos hansi wala shakal tu Dekho es ko b famous krny ka kuch tu silah milna tha lo g ly lo sawaad

  • انہیں اسٹار بھی ہم ہی نے بنایا ہے،why you don’t unfollow these type of nosence people 😡😡

  • لڑکیوں کو بھی تھوڑا خیال کرنا چاہیے ہر بونڈو کو ہیرو سمجھ کر اس کی فین بن جاتی ہیں

  • I think k wo larki origanally kaali nhi thi uss ny moun py kuch lagaya hua tha sirf issko benaqaab kerny k liay b ho saktaa

  • لڑکی تو سن کر خوش ہو رہی ہے اس نے تو برا نہیں مانا تو پھر اتنا شوشا کیوں کیا جا رہا اگر لڑکی ریکٹ کرتی برا مناتی تو اتنا کھل کر ہنستی مسکراتی نہ. ی

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