VIDEO: TikTok star breaks down while sharing how she was bullied online for her body

"If it weren't for my friends, family, and followers, I might have taken my life," Aleena Fatima.

Since the emergence of social media and digital platforms, cyber bullying has taken a new turn making the lives of many people miserable.

A 24-year-old Pakistani Tik Toker, Aleena Fatima, was body-shamed to such an extent that she started having suicidal thoughts.

During an interview with a television host Maya Ali, the Tik Tok star said, “Body-shaming is one of the worst practices that is becoming a growing trend in Pakistan.

Aleena Fatima added, “Instead of words of encouragement and appreciating my talent, I was forced to stop posting online.

“What is worse is how even my family members weren’t spared from cyber bullying,” said Aleena. She broke down into tears as she mentioned the heartbreaking incident about how even her brother and sister-in-law were also treated

The Tik Tok star further went on to say that if it weren’t for my friends, family, and followers, I might have taken my life.

Watch the Full Interview Here

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  • Aleema YOU are a beautiful princess of Pakistan. Do NOT take the idiots the envious stupid bullies online seriously.


    They are cowards and have no future.. They are jealous of YOU. We are proud of YOU.

    You are a strong young women. Ignore the retarded Jahil cowards.

  • how insanely evil Pakistanis are

    respect to the lady for facing these scumbags

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