TikToker Dolly shares her side of the story in the forest fire controversy [Video]

TikToker Dolly forest fire video

TikToker Dolly has shared her side of the story in the viral fire video controversy. She took to her Instagram account to share a clarification.

Humaira Asghar better known as Dolly had posted a video on her social media couple of days ago. The video received backlash as a portion of an unknown forest was set on fire.

Many people thought the location of the video to be Islamabad’s Margalla Hills. In her clarification, the TikToker said that she had nothing to do with the fire. Dolly also shared a BTS video from the photoshoot where all the controversy had started.

“Everyone watch my video that depicts the real picture and make it go as viral as you can,” she asked her followers. Humaira Asghar added that social media has greatly disappointed her.

“You guys should have talked to me first, investigated and found out what the reality is. After that if you had felt something wasn’t adding up, then if you had taken this step, it would’ve been okay,” she added.

The TikTok star further stated that she hasn’t been to Kohsar National Park in years. She claimed that she was on her way back from Haripur when she spotted the entire scenario.

In another video, Asghar can be seen in the same dress and talking to the person who admits to starting the fire. “As you can clearly see in this video the billboard indicates the place which is [the] motorway and NOT National Park Kohsar. Listen to the person in this video carefully so that you know the reality,” she captioned the video.

The man in the video says that he set these bushes on fire as there are huge snakes which can endanger the lives of their kids. However, many social media users thought that it wasn’t the same place as in the video before.

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