To debunk Indian claims, foreign diplomats arrive at LoC but Indians ran away

The delegation of foreign ambassadors arrived at the LoC; No one arrived from Indian High Commission

  • Pakistan’s army media wing challenged the Indian army to share locations of the alleged terror camps.
  • India has claimed to attack in Azad Jammu and Kashmir, which Pakistan rejected.


On Sunday, Indian troop’s ruthless shelling caused the lives of six Pakistani civilians and one army soldier, whereas two soldiers along with nine civilians were injured in Azad Jammu Kashmir.

Following, Pakistan attacked Indian troops at the dividing line. As a result, two Indian bunkers were destroyed; several Indian troops were killed and injured.

After the whole incident, India as always lied about smashing four Pakistani launch pads in Neelum valley, which later on rejected by Pakistan.

Pakistan rejected Indian claims

In response to the Indian army chief’s claim, the ISPR chief had tweeted: “Indian COAS’ statement claiming destruction of 3 alleged camps in AJK is disappointing as he holds a very responsible appointment. There are no camps let alone targeting those. Indian Embassy in Pakistan is welcome to take any foreign diplomat/media to ‘prove’ it on the ground. The propensity of false claims by senior Indian military leadership, especially since the Pulwama incident, is detrimental to peace in the region. Such false claims by the Indian Army are being made to suit vested domestic interests. This is against professional military ethos.”

On Monday, Pakistan’s army media wing challenged the Indian army to tell the world about locations of the alleged terror camps that India has claimed to attacked in Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

Foreign Office spokesperson Dr. Mohammad Faisal, tweeted “Indian Embassy has yet not responded to offer made by DG ISPR. It indicates that they have no grounds to support a false claim by their COAS. We expect them to respond soon”.

DG ISPR tweeted “Indians have no grounds to support a false claim made by their COAS. If they don’t want to go they have the option to share claimed targeted locations with our foreign office. We will take foreign diplomats & media tomorrow on those given locations. Let all see facts on the ground”.

India ran away

A team of designated diplomats reached the LOC in Pakistan. The Foreign Office said no official from the Indian High Commission had reached the LOC.


DG ISPR further tweeted that Indian High Commission is not standing by the words of its Army Chief and did not have the courage to visit LOC.

While talking to the media foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said India is putting the stability of the region at stake. The Indian Deputy High Commissioner was also invited to visit LOC. The world should take notice of India’s baseless accusations. India has worsened the situation in occupied Kashmir.

He further added India’s reputation around the world is being affected, we unite the OIC on Kashmir, Pak India lags in the race for tension, South Asia, today India’s claim for economic development is opening, and India is moving towards water aggression.

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