To entire village’s surprise, Muslim landlord fulfills Hindu farmer’s last wish

The entire village, including Bhagat's grief-stricken family, was surprised at the unusual request.

Badin-A Muslim landlord named Waris Laghari has fulfilled the Hindu farmer’s last wish by performing his last rites.

The entire village, including Bhagat’s (Hindu farmer) grief-stricken family, was surprised at the unusual request.

Speaking to The Express Tribune, Bhagat’s brother-in-law, Ram Kolhi, said, “Only the family members of the deceased perform last rites. That has been the tradition.”

“Laghari was close to Bhagat and treated him as more of a friend,” Kolhi said. “And that’s why no one objected.”

Thereby, Laghari himself laid his friend, the farmer who had worked on his lands for many years.

“The villagers appreciated Laghari for the gesture,” said Kolhi, adding that the act had even garnered the attention of many activists in the village.

Ram said the activists recorded Waris performing Bhagat’s last rites and uploaded the videos on the internet.

Waris performing Bhagat’s last rituals.

Kolhi added, it is a custom among the Hindus of lower castes to bury the deceased and not cremate their bodies.

Ram revealed that his brother-in-law, on his deathbed, had said to Waris that he might not be able to attend his funeral for the apparent reason that he was a Muslim.

“However, Laghari promised Bharat that he would not just attend the funeral, but would do ‘something special,'” said Kolhi.

And living up to his word, the landlord performed the last rituals himself.

“But what is so unusual about it?” asked Laghari, saying that he did not find anything unusual about him digging Bhagat’s grave and laying him to rest.

Laghari added, “We are the same. We are all humans.”

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  • Zabardast Laghari sb,
    We need this sort of stories to inspire our current and future generations. We are all humans and we have more in common than we might think. But we are all manipulated in many ways and hence behave in an aggressive and intolerant way!

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