To His Surprise, His Careem Captain Was None Other Than Habib Jalib’s Daughter

The socialist poet Habib Jalib’s words are an anthem of revolution. The widely celebrated icon might have not gotten the treatment he deserved in his life, but his vision kept the urge for change alive in so many hearts and will continue to do so – forever.

His daughter is no less than art in herself either. She made rounds on social media a few months back after the news of her working as a Careem captain surfaced. But the brave icon takes pride in that. She said she is proud of herself that she is earning living by working hard, following in the footsteps of her father. Living in a 2.5 marla small home and driving a taxi she bought on loan, Tahira is courageously taking over challenges in her life.

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Recently, Sami ul Haq shares on Facebook how he booked an ordinary ride with Careem, but it turned out not so ordinary as his captain was none other than Tahira Habib Jalib herself. What he describes as ‘one of the most celebrated honours’ of his life, Sami shared that he found her thoroughly inspirational and exemplary. Here is what he had to say about his experience:

Sami added that when she should be taking her father’s teaching forward and promoting them, she is forced to make her ends meet like this. With being a woman with a recognized background, she is humble and figures of strength. Though she is a woman with incredible strength who known for tacking the challenges life throws at her bravely, it also shows Pakistan’s inconsideration towards its own heroes, especially assets linked with literature background. Though she is proud of the hard work she does, we need to make an effort to give them the honour they deserve.

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