Today’s Hero: Imam Masjid’s Daughter Becomes Pakistan’s Fastest Female Athlete

It has been a fine day for equality and progress while being a hard one for gender stereotypes in Pakistan as Sahib-e-Asra blessed our news headlines today.

Sahib e Asra is the daughter of an Imam Masjid – a position associated with conservatism. Majority of religious clergy are seen as individuals believing in male superiority, confining women inside four walls and forcing themselves upon them, however, this brave man changed everything, or at least initiated this much-needed change.

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Asra becomes Pakistan’s fastest runner, with the exemplary support of her father.

“I started my running career from a government school and competed at district, division and provincial level. I have given the best times in running in Pakistan after ten years” – she shared in a video. 

Talking about the facilities from the government, Asra shared that no assistance has been provided by the government. She said that our Asian neighbours India and Bangladesh are way ahead of us in sports because proper platform and facilities are being provided to them to showcase their talents.

She shared that when she decided to pursue her career in sports, her father, Qari Alam Khan, supported her. He wanted her to do something for the country. He was criticized for this decision but he stood firm against all that and supported her. He said that he is very proud of his daughter that she is a national champion.

“I did not stop her and supported her and now she is a national champion” – Khan said talking to a local news source. 

He added that he is disappointed in government for not supporting the young blood in the country.

“The government has not given these athletes their deserving rewards. I am proud of my daughter as much as I am proud of my son” – he said.



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