Toddler With Trunk-like Nose Called ‘Curse’ By Relatives Awaits Government Help – Read Details Here

15 months old Asiya Manghrio is facing a medical condition called frontonasal encephalocele, a defect that causes tissues to grow out of the skull. Due to this, her nose has grown to an abnormal size, equal to two tennis balls.
Life has been quite for this little angel from such a young age mark. The medical state apart, her own blood relations have started to label her as a curse.

Heartbroken by their attitudes and seeing their only child in pain, Asiya’s parents are doing what they can to get her treatment.
Asiya’s mother Fatan sold the only asset she had i.e her gold bangle to get the money to travel to Karachi from their home Sanghar, Sindh and pay the doctors bills.

After traveling 160 miles on a local bus, the distressed family reached Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre where Asiya’s case was examined by many doctors. The doctors said that the only way the tumor can be removed is by a surgery. However, due to overcrowding and long lineups, they couldn’t urgently admit her and gave a time for another two months for surgery.

Asiya’s father, who is a farmer and earns less than 15000 PKR/month, is extremely concerned. He said that due to financial constraints he can’t afford to take her to a private hospital. The surgery, however, is urgently needed to save her life and cannot wait longer. The family is requesting the government to aid them financially and facilitate the surgery so Asiya’s condition can be helped. All her parents want is for her to lead a normal and healthy life.

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