14 Pakistani TikTokers who will be worst-affected by government's ban on TikTok!

The ban on the app was announced yesterday. These influencers were leading the platform previously!

Ever since TikTok came to the country, the Pakistani audience has been obsessed with the social app. In the last year or so, the social media platform has built the loudest, wildest, and often craziest stars. The TikTokers of Pakistan have genuinely changed the game of social media. Let\’s take a look at the Top 14 names of the TikTok royalty and reasons why they are ruling social media right now.

Jannat Mirza – 8.9M Followers

The unparalleled queen of Pakistani TikTok, Jannat Mirza, has proven her name in the game with her talent, looks, and style. Her flair landed her a music video with Ali Josh. Now the star is working on her debut film in Lollywood under director Syed Noor and seeking a journalism degree in Japan.

Kanwal Aftab – 8.4M Followers

The cheery Kanwal Aftab gained insane popularity in a short time, giving tough competition to Jannat Mirza. Alongside impressing TikTok\’s audience, the star is enrolled in the BS Mass Communication program at the University of Central Punjab.

Zulqarnain Sikandar – 8M Followers

Recognized as the undisputed king of Pakistani TikTok, this male entertainer kills the audience with his expressions and wittiness. This TikToker from Gujrat is currently working on his debut acting project, Master and Company, being produced by Waqas Rizvi.

Usman Asim – 7.7M Followers

Also known as Famous Molvi, Usman Asim has gained popularity for his unique portrayal of everything you don\’t expect a molvi to be. The funny and fantastic TikToker\’s videos are undoubtedly fun to watch.

Alishba Anjum – 6.5M Followers

Jannat Mirza\’s sister, Alishba Anjum, is following in her sister\’s footsteps. She is devouring the TikTok media industry piece by piece, and the audience is obsessed with her.

Areeka Haq – 6.4M Followers

Known as the baby of the TikTok, Areeka Haq won hearts due to her cute videos. Her charm got her a role in Asim Azhar\’s music video, Tum Tum, and now the mainstream star enjoys rising popularity from all over.

Tuqeer Ahmed (Phoollu) – 5.6M Followers

Desi and simple to the core, Tuqeer Ahmed is truly a son of the soil. Also known as Phoollu, this TikToker made the audience fall in love with him for his simplicity. The audience can\’t get enough of his raw videos.

Dolly – 5.6M Followers

A beautician by profession, Dolly took over Pakistani TikTok with her long blonde tresses and irresistible guts. Pakistanis cannot stop loving (or hating) this TikTok sensation.

Ali Khan – 5.1M Followers

Another budding TikTok sensation from Hyderabad, Ali Khan, gained popularity due to his skill of running. His physical ability helped him garner major attention and followers on the platform.

Nadeem Mubarak – 4.9M Followers

Nadeem Mubarak, aka Nadeem Naniwalla, is known for doing the stupidest things on London\’s roads and his affection for his maternal grandmother. This TikTok sensation took over the social media platform with his TikTok cabinet and enticing challenges.

Minahil Malik – 4.8M Followers

The most controversial, yet equally loved name from TikTok, Minahil Malik hooked her fans with her highly appealing and fun videos.

Hoor Mahaveera – 4.7M Followers

In the last few months, this TikTok beauty has gained tenfolds followers. Why? The reason is her killer looks and attractive beauty.

Ali Fayyaz – 4.6M Followers

Ali Fayyaz brings the TikTok audience a fusion of desi looks and entertainment. His unique videos have helped him gain millions of followers who are absolutely in love with the entertainer.

Naseer Baloch – 4.4M Followers

This male TikToker and laborer knows how to combine humor and entertainment best. His comic moments have attracted major attention, and fans and followers absolutely love watching his TikTok videos.

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  • @Mr-MalikOfficial is another Pakistani in UAE with 9.4 million followers ( increasing day by day)

  • I think we should appriciate our government positive step against tiktok which is distroying our islamic limitations according (حیا ،پردہ )
    The big lose is our nice families girls showing their body parts openly…… Thanks Pakistani Government for this Act and requesting also bann other Apps like Likee,bigo live, and other dating app should not allow in Islamice republic of Pakistan

  • ان میں سے کتنی سٹار نے ننگی ہو کر اس پاکستانی قوم کے وقار کو عزت بخشی ہے اگر وہ ڈیٹیل بھی شامل کر دیتے تو نیوز کو چھ چاند لگ جاتے

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