List of top 20 eSports players of Pakistan and their earnings

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eSports is a fast-growing industry that promotes championships and World Cups with tournaments between top-class players. 

Pakistan ranks among the topmost highly rated eSports players with 11th position worldwide. Pakistan’s top player is Sumail Hassan, a 20-year boy who ranks number 1 in Pakistan.

This list represents the top 20 players of Pakistan in eSports who won prize money.


 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Overall)Highest Paying GameTotal (Game)% of Total
1. SumaiLSumail Hassan$3,829,889.31Dota 2$3,829,889.31100.00%
2. YawaRYawar Hassan$606,191.00Dota 2$606,191.00100.00%
3. Arslan AshArslan Siddique$84,876.20Tekken 7$79,876.2094.11%
4. ShreddedPuzzleShahyan Makhdumi$50,000.00Auto Chess$50,000.00100.00%
5. Awais HoneyAwais Parvez$18,922.50Tekken 7$18,922.50100.00%
6. BilaLBilal Ilyas$15,365.00Tekken 7$15,365.00100.00%
7. Adam9130Adam Ahmad$11,941.44Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$11,941.44100.00%
8. Bad Sunny– –$8,000.00Free Fire$8,000.00100.00%
8. Godzilla– –$8,000.00Free Fire$8,000.00100.00%
8. Saif 4U– –$8,000.00Free Fire$8,000.00100.00%
8. SHARKY– –$8,000.00Free Fire$8,000.00100.00%
8. Waleed– –$8,000.00Free Fire$8,000.00100.00%
13. HSBAbdul Haseeb$7,643.05VALORANT$5,207.5968.13%
14. SOULM8Muhammad Usman$7,311.28VALORANT$5,207.5971.23%
15. Atif ButtAtif Ijaz Butt$6,475.00Tekken 7$6,475.00100.00%
16. WhiteAshXWaqas Ali$6,070.48King of Fighters XIV$5,424.8589.36%
17. ShooterMustafa Kamal$6,067.05VALORANT$5,231.3986.23%
18. MKRaydenTariq Rathore$5,692.80Mortal Kombat XL$5,692.80100.00%
19. k1NgAbdul Sami Khero$5,295.12VALORANT$5,207.5998.35%
20. PokemoNSaad Ahmed$5,015.42Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$5,015.42100.00%


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