Top 5 government jobs with highest salary and benefits in Pakistan

Government Jobs

Government jobs in Pakistan are valuable as they offer job security. They have many benefits as compared to private jobs. Most people prefer government jobs due to the wide range of benefits.

Benefits of Government Jobs

  • Nice salary package
  • Medical benefits
  • Traveling allowance
  • Retirement
  • Holidays and leaves
  • Different types of allowances

The top five government jobs in Pakistan with attractive benefits and perks are as follows:

SNGPL jobs

The Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited was founded in 1963. It is one of the most extensive incorporated gas companies in Pakistan and offers many benefits to its employees, along with providing a learning environment. Some benefits of working in SNGPL include an excellent salary package, free medical, traveling allowance, and free lunches. 


The Water and Power Development Authority maintains Pakistan’s water and power regulations. It consists of different departments, and each unit is adequately regulated. WAPDA jobs provide many benefits to their employees, such as handsome salary packages, subsidized food and transport, allowances, health care benefits, free electricity units, financial and retirement benefits.

Pakistan Navy jobs

Pakistan’s navy is among the strongest and best armies in the world. Since its establishment in 1947, the organization has been continuously contributing its effort to strengthen the country’s defense. The Pak navy jobs provide benefits, including the annual increment and good learning opportunities. Some other benefits include family accommodation, free meals, and medical treatment. 

UN Jobs in Pakistan

The United Nations has been working to maintain the peace of the world. Many organizations of the UN are also operating in Pakistan. The UN jobs are advertised in all the major cities of Pakistan. UN jobs provide attractive benefits, including a good salary package, allowance, health benefits, travel expenses, retirement pensions. 

Teaching jobs

Teaching is considered one of the most respected professions in Pakistan. Many people prefer to go for teaching jobs as the career has many attractive benefits. It includes a handsome salary, medical benefits, allowances, holidays and leaves, promotion, retirement, and pensions. There are various job opportunities for Govt Teaching jobs in all the educational institutes of Pakistan, and the vacancies are announced regularly. 

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  • Hatti zinda lakh ka aur Mira huwa saw lakh ka….. Why the tax payer money is used for perks and previligious of some people whIle most people don’t have the basic health care, education and even proper food.
    Anyway everyone will die…both previligious and non previligious.

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